Death Penalty: Zombie Football

The football team is the sports team.! Your Team going to fight for safety around the world to not war just play and remove the negative Things.
Just warn before to play not lose other wise zombies will have the right to anyone in your team to do they what want.? All expectation of this planet in your hand.

Play the game sports death penalty world cup this is the original version of the flash game.
The Author of this game beautifully adds the zombie concept in the football theme base game.

The first choice your team and the good experience player. They already win the many tournaments this game is done or die situation best defense is the attack. Your players have intelligently defended quality.

Very real and good graphics game called as the death penalty, And in the German language, we say, Todesstrafe, French peine De Mort and in the Spanish Language Pena de Muerte.Here you can able to play football and beat the penalty against a player with the fastest server.

Your player passes the foot ball you and must hit the football with the full power and when you hit the ball to the zombie’s football team then you will see the life how many hit you need more to beat the team.
Finish the game when you kick the ball in the empty net and you will win the game finally.

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